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We’re creating a new interactive site that will allow you to have monthly, weekly and

daily focus showing you exactly what to focus on, how to track your progress, and

literally gauge your results in Real-time.Here, Life is the Training Ground!

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Ayurveda Detox & Ritual Course

For those wanting to experience Ayurveda to take control of their health, detox their bodies and be able to provide an elevated experience for your students.

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The Shakti

For Women who are committed, passionate and dedicated to their spiritual growth, self-mastery and are interested in becoming Ambassadors of Change.

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Experience Deep meditation within 20 minutes or Less

Discover the same techniques used by Himalayan Meditations masters that will allow anyone experience deep meditation regardless of your experience level.

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Upcoming Events

Join us for an upcoming event, Live Event, Visiting Ayurveda Doctors or Swamis. We’re honored to serve you.

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A Path of Self-Mastery

It takes more than an hour on your yoga mat or other discipline. It’s how you apply yourself in the moment, cultivate awareness, draw from your innate intuition and inner strength. We give you the tools, clear direction and know how as we show you how to track your progress and gauge your results in real-time

Results Based Training We’re 100% invested in your progress

We understand how our greatest obstacle is ourselves and how in-effective are programs that give you information and leave it up to you to follow through or figure it out on your own. Our mind has been conditioned with beliefs and responses keeping us locked in our own karmic cycle. You don’t have sit in meditation for lifetimes or try to address every karmic issue. We provide the results-based training that allows you to make the changes you want to make, step into your vision of Self and fully live it NOW. You’re transformation is our primary focus. The more living their truth with integrity the more this world will evolve