For Beginners, to Yoga Teacher Training in India All of life’s activities exist within a single breath, an intricate rhythmic flow of change evolving in partnership together. Health is more than the mere absence of disease, but is a state of joyful living, living in balance with the changing variables of our life. Enlightenment is a state of consciously participating within this balance, allowing the true expression of our Self emerge and imbue life within our own unique light. Our ability to maintain our health, physical and mental well being, and maintain the quality of life, is dependent upon our awareness and our ability to participate. LEF provides the resources to sustain and increase the quality of life. We offer training in Ayurveda, which provide the knowledge of what to be aware of and how to participate. We offer training in Yoga that provides the vehicle of cleansing the external impressions that keep us off balance and our awareness out of focus. We also provide the tools and resources for you to continue to grow and sustain your life via herbs, tutorial videos, and yoga tools. We’re honored to serve you, to empower you within your life and live enlightenment now. Hari Om Tat Sat      

Common Cities Where We Hold Ayurveda Training Sessions:

Portland Seattle Olympia Tacoma
San Fransisco Lake Tahoe Oakland Sacramento